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Doctor Appointment

In the case the customer chooses social security rights

If you want to book a doctor's appointment
Please contact number 02-998-9999 or  02-531-2151 to 60. From 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday, except public holidays only.

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  • The information above is a voluntary consent given to the hospital to disclose my treatment information to the hospital and related personnels who need access to my information. I hereby acknowledge the privacy policy.
  • Social Security Rights (SSR) case and urgent appointment case (1-2 days), make an appointment or postponing an appointment, please contact 02-998-9999 or 02-531-2151 - 60 only.
  • All appointments need a confirmation from our staff within 36 hours, during business hours from Monday - Friday.
  • This appointment is not available for emergency patients.
733/345 หมู่ 8 ถนน พหลโยธิน ตำบล คูคต อำเภอ ลำลูกกา จังหวัด ปทุมธานี 12130
สายด่วน 02-998-9999
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